Polityka publiczna wobec teorii i jej praktyki w Polsce

  1. Andrzej Zybała


Theories of public policy in the face of a policy making practice in Poland

The author presents the key characteristics of the policy making process in Poland including the process of policy formulation and implementation. He tries to capture this process using terms deriving from the leading policy theories and convinces the reader that the key characteristics of policy making in Poland can be explained through the framework of a stagist approach to the policy making process. H. Lasswell, the leading figure in American political science, introduced public policy as a separate scientific discipline. He presented the policy cycle as a classical approach to policy making, assuming that it reflects the complexities of the policy making process. That theory seems to be adequate to describe the characteristics of policy making in Poland — as a process limited to law making process.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

18, 2015

Pages from 28 to 43

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