Zasada reprezentacji w nowej i ponowoczesnej polityce. Zagadnienia do dyskusji

  1. Jarosław Szymanek


The principle of representation in the new and postmodern politics. Issues for discussion

The text takes on the theme of political representation. This theme is very popular and trendy. This is because now almost everyone is talking about the crisis of political representation. This crisis affects both election procedures and parliamentary mandate, role and importance of political parties and the devaluation of the political position of the parliament. Actually, all the elements of a traditional relationship suffer some prejudice representative. Elections do not give a full picture of the representation. Political parties, in turn, resulted in that it is not the individual members are representatives of the voters only just parties. This distorted representation. The parliament has lost many of the items that he was still in the nineteenth century. What’s more, evolves new phenomena, such as the growing importance of direct democracy instruments, which is seen as a form of supplement representative democracy. Furthermore, the phenomenon is called. counter-democracy or negative growth in the importance of participation, disclosed in strikes, pickets and other forms of protest. All this makes the representation of political change. Changes are subject to the importance of representation. Previously it had its sociological dimension, today, in turn, seen as a deliberation by which the common good is achieved.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

17, 2014

Pages from 11 to 35

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