Wpływ Karty Nauczyciela na politykę oświatową samorządów terytorialnych

  1. Bogusław Kotarba


The influence of Teachers’ Charter on local self-governments’education policy

Local governments which are responsible for implementing education policy at the local level are subject to numerous determinants stemming from the central government. The question is whether the scope and manner of state interference in local activities is not too far-reaching. The article analyzes the selected Teachers’ Charter Act regulations and assesses their impact on the performance of educational tasks by local governments. The research has found that the Teacher’s Charter deprives local governments of freedom in terms of employment and remuneration of teachers, generates high costs of maintaining schools, and hence restricts the possibility of pursuing a flexible educational policy, adapted to the local conditions.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

15, 2013

Pages from 134 to 144

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