Trzeci sektor w teorii wielosektorowej polityki społecznej

  1. Dorota Moroń ORCiD:


The third sector in the theory of multi-sectoral social policy

The article’s aim is to analyse a theoretical concept of multi-sector economy of welfare as a new look at social policy (according to which the policy is not to be identified solely with the state and the public sector’s activity), with special attention paid to the possibilities to use the potential of the third sector to guarantee social welfare. The third sector plays an important role in the modern economy of welfare, as it is not only an entity which independently supports a society or an intermediary between the citizen and the state, but also a sector which closely works with the remaining entities of multi-sector economy, particularly with the state. The analysis of the elements and dimensions of the multi-sector economy of welfare, transformations of the welfare state, weak and strong points of non-governmental organisations shows how important the role of the third sector is and indicates that it is a vital element of modern multi-sectoral social policy.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

15, 2013

Pages from 7 to 17

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