Zarządzanie wizerunkiem osoby publicznej — autokreacja Roberta Biedronia podczas kampanii na prezydenta miasta w 2014 roku

  1. Barbara Kobzarska-Bar ORCiD: 0000-0003-0559-2220
  2. Anna Arcinowska
  3. Filip Janczak
  4. Weronika Marchwińska


Public personality image management: Self-creation of Robert Biedroń during the mayoral campaign in 2014

A key element of each electoral campaign is to create an image of the candidate corresponding to the voters’ expectations. This is an essential task when the vast majority of voters declares that the candidate’s personality was decisive for their voting decisions. An image is a specific construct composed of information provided to the recipient by the candidates themselves, by their staff and mass media, as well as the voters’ personal reflections. The paper focuses on the verbal behaviour of Robert Biedroń in the time when he was running for town mayor of Słupsk in the 2014 elections. This set of major features creates a specific image of the candidate which could have affected the result of the elections in 2014.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

26, 2019

Pages from 88 to 99

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