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Rywalizacja w ramach listy wyborczej jako konsekwencja systemu list półotwartych w wyborach do Sejmu RP

  1. Paulina Kruszyńska


Competition between candidates from the same party against each other as a consequence of the open-list PR system in elections to the Polish Sejm (lower house)

Although a open-list PR system guarantees the voter the possibility of nominating a specific candidate from the list, which, according to voters, should represent his political option, it is often said that voters do not exercise that power, and that for the election results the most important is candidate’s ballot positionHo­wever, we know that the personal votes have a real impact on the electoral success. The question is what prompts voters to vote for a particular candidateThe purpose of this article is to analyze the results of the elections to the Polish Sejm from 2015 in terms of the ballot position effect, the intervention effect of the personal votes on the electoral success and effect of one of the determinants of the individual candidate’s success — locality/local ties of candidate.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

24, 2018

Strony od 18 do 32

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