Okrągły Stół – sukces czy zmowa elit?

  1. Marek Górka


Round Table – a success or a conspiracy of elites?

The present sketch is an attempt of restoration of proportion in the assesment of past events. The dispute about Round Table has become a part of a political conflict grounded in history. Usually, when issues related to decommunization, vetting or biography of certain politicians are raised, a direct or indirect presence of subjects related to the events of 1989 is always noticeable.
    Breaking down the wall of cliches, stereotypes and myths accrued around Round Table is an extremely risky and unrewarding task. Wanting to thoroughly analyze this problem, it is good to be aware that it deserves a great scientific debate. Another difficulty is also that Round Table evokes many emotions which often lead in discussions instead of solid arguments. Falling into stereotype too easily during the analysis of a historic event can result in assigning the researcher to one of political options. It is a risk in scientific respect because it is easy to be accused of supporting one of political options.
    Approaching the problem of the events of 1989 requires not only knowledge but also a certain scientific caution in perception of complexity of political situation. Unfortunately, for the reason of political convenience, simplifications are used very often but this does not always bring us closer to the truth. Perception of the world from one-dimensional aspect and forming opinions easily is a proof of simplicity – which in some situations is noble – but it can also be a sign of crudeness, which is a foundation of political bigotry.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

11, 2010

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