Media i polityka. Między władzą i obywatelskim społeczeństwem

  1. Ludwik Habuda


Mass media, politics, democracy

In every democratic political system the fundamental power belongs to citizens. Full access to information is the base of democracy. Mass media should fulfill the important role to inform society about politics, state policy and political institution. The fundamental thesis of this article is the following: the role of media in Polish democratic political system, especially in Polish civil society, is for democracy and civil society rather more negative (destructive) than positive (constructive). Author argues that non-dialogical nature, aggressive attacks of governors, journalists non professionalism and political party options cause that polish media
more destruct than build democracy and civil society. Party engagement moved Polish medias from area of civil society to area of political power subsystem. This is a serious challenge for media, democracy and civil society. This state may be interpreted as evolving new type of democracy, democracy without social capital. I prefer to interpret it as democracy in danger, as cripplehood of democracy. Maybe, it is natural state of each political system.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

11, 2010

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