Polityka językowa Polski i Czechosłowacji wobec mniejszości ukraińskiej w okresie międzywojennym (na przykładzie szkolnictwa Galicji i Zakarpacia)

  1. Oksana Ruda



Language policy of Poland and Czechoslovakia concerning the Ukrainian minority in the interwar period (on the example of the schooling of Galicia and Transcarpathia)

In the article the international treaties and internal laws and orders of Poland and the Czechoslovakia, which regulate the linguistic rights of national minorities in field of education are studiedInternal legislation of the Czechoslovakia guaranteed free use of minority language both orally and in writing, and provided the right for national minorities to study in their native language in public primary, secondary and higher educationOn the contrary, in the constitutional acts of Poland only the right of minorities to study their mother tongue in public primary schools was guaranteed. Due the prevalence of Ukrainians in Galicia, the Polish authorities with respect to these territories performed different national and language policy aimed at deepening regional differences and assimilation of the Ukrainian population.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

23, 2017

Pages from 131 to 142

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