Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

Rola nauk społecznych w projektach programów i reform społecznych

  1. Katarzyna Zamorska


The role of social sciences in the projects of programs and social reforms

The subject of the article is the problem with applying social science knowledge to programs and projects of social reforms. Two aspects of the issue have been pointed out. The first refers to the role of social sciences as an intellectual backdrop for social reform programs, while the other shows the consequences of a specific defi­nition of reform and assigning it a high (or not) position in the scale value of social activities and the practice of its implementation. The question arises about the nature of reforms in Poland, from the 1990s to the present. In three interrelated parts, the origins and development of social sciences have been presented, answering the question of how to support social policy with social science knowledge as useful knowledge, and a refer­ence to social reforms in Poland after 1989 has been made. The article ends with a conclusion that the potential success of the reforms is affected by the cooperation between social sciences, the world of politics and society.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

23, 2017

Strony od 66 do 78

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