Znaczenie kontekstu sytuacyjnego w lokalnej polityce publicznej

  1. Bogusław Kotarba



The meaning of situational context in public policy at the local level

Public policy is carried out at various levels of public authority. Among the entities involved in its implementation an important role is played by local government units, especially communes. The differentiation of the potentials of communes is the reason why in the same legal and institutional conditions various communes have different possibilities for the realization of their “own” public policy. These differences constitute a situational context, characteristic for each commune. The article analyzes the impact of this context on one of the levels of public policy set apart by B. G. Peters — programming. The thesis: Situational context seen as a set of multi-dimensional local determinants plays a key role in the programming of local public policies has been adopted and verified positively.


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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

21, 2016

Pages from 119 to 130

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