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Kandydaci Partii Demokratycznej i Republikańskiej wobec przemian społeczno- gospodarczych. Analiza na przykładzie wyborów prezydenckich z lat 2008 i 2012

  1. Kamil Weber


The candidates of the Democratic Party and the Republican Partyin the face of the socio-economic changes. An analysis based on the example of presidential elections of 2008 and 2012

American society has been the subject of many changes in recent years. In this context, important was an increasing liberalization of communities of large cities. But also, as a response to this process, there could be seen a growing influence of the conservative Tea Party supporters. Changes in the national structure consisting of reducing the share of white community for African Americans and immigrants are also noticeable. Important implications also caused the recent economic crisis resulting in differentiation of the standard of living of different social groups. It is therefore interesting to analyze how two major American parties responded to these changes. The ground for such an analysis are especially presidential elections because of the importance that the head of state has in the policy of the United States.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

20, 2016

Strony od 92 do 108

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