Polityka wspierania gospodarki społecznej na poziomie regionu. Wybrane aspekty funkcjonowania dolnośląskich przedsiębiorstw społecznych

  1. Marta Cisek


Social economy support policy at a regional level. Selected issues concerning social enterprises in Lower Silesia

Social enterprises develop in regions where they are actively supported by the local government and NGOs. That is why in this paper public social economy support instruments (strategic, legal and financial) at a regional level are analyzed. The main purpose of this paper is to present the situation of the social economy based on the example of the Lower Silesian social enterprises. Of particular value is the empirical part — results of my own research on the experience of social enterprises in Lower Silesia. Interviews with Lower Silesian social entrepreneurs provided information about the effectiveness of public support instruments, the quality of cooperation with stakeholders, legal and financial situation, areas of destructive social entrepreneurship, and finally allowed me to formulate some conclusions in this field.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

20, 2016

Strony od 69 do 77

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