Wybrane aspekty politycznych konsekwencji zmian systemu wyborczego. Studium przypadku wyborów do Parlamentu Europejskiego w Polsce 25 maja 2014 roku

  1. Przemysław Witold Gruca


Selected aspects of the political concequences of changes in the electoral system. A case study of the European Parliament electionsin Poland of May 25, 2014

This article aims at showing political consequences of the Polish electoral system as far as the European Parliament elections are concerned. It contains the analysis of 2014 (25.05.2014) elections together with simulations of other division possibilities – depending on detailed law regulations. Such an election scheme contributes to an unpredictable election results while taking into account the distribution of seats in the European Parliament.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

19, 2015

Pages from 49 to 65

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