Rozwój Ruchu Obywatelskiego na rzecz Jednomandatowych Okręgów Wyborczych

  1. Zdzisław Ilski


The development of the Civic Movement for Single-Member Constituencies

The article indicates the context of the formation as well as the purpose of the Movement, whose intention is to introduce the majority electoral system to the elections to the Sejm in Poland through introducing singlemember constituencies. The paper presents the characteristics of the Movement as a new social movement. It presents the development phases of the Movement as well as its main directions and actions. In the years 1999−2005 the Movement was in a phase of developed political activity, effectively influencing public opinion in Poland. Additionally, the article evaluates its actions during the 22 years of existence, pointing out that the activity of the Movement opened the debate on the electoral system in Poland and encouraged the Poles to approve of the introduction of the majority electoral system.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

19, 2015

Pages from 19 to 37

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