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Zasadniczy podział terytorialny państwa. Między racjonalnym wyborem i grą zinstytucjonalizowanych interesów

  1. Adam Habuda
  2. Ludwik Habuda


Fundamental territorial division of the state. Between rational choice and game of institutionalized interests

In this article we take on the issue of territorial division of the state. Under consideration are practical rather than theoretical aspects of such division. The fundamental thesis is as follows: practical utility of the appropriate division is very often sacrificed for the satisfaction of those who occupy positions in the administrative structures. It is no accident that in 1990, when self-government communes were appointed, their number increased (in comparison with the number of communes before self-government reform). The organizational units of less than a minimum size should not be created, and the entire organizational performance in creating organizational structures should be a minimalist action. This principle, which derives from management sciences, seems to be forgotten in Polish territorial division.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

16, 2014

Strony od 24 do 41

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