Demokracja skonsolidowana jako efekt tranzycji. Analiza podstawowych ujęć i poglądów

  1. Bartosz Szyja


Consolidated democracy as a result of transition. Analysis of basic perspectives and views

The transition from a non-democratic system to a consolidated democracy is a long-term and many-sided process that consists of: liberalization, democratization and consolidation. Scientific categories used to describe this process are highlighted in a purely analytical way, which means that it is difficult to explicitly clarify the moment at which one stage ends and the second begins. As a result, a consolidated democracy is formed with a number of features that can be looked at from three perspectives: the political-legal, social and cultural. In a case where the political system does not demonstrate one of these features, it can be assumed that a democracy is not fully consolidated.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

14, 2013

Pages from 166 to 182

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