Zagadnienie indukcji myśli w polskim nacjonalizmie

  1. Bartosz Smolik ORCiD:


The issue of the thought induction in the Polish nationalism

The author of the article aims to prove the existence of the principle of the self-reliance and independence in the Polish nationalism. This principle referred to as the induction of thoughts has been initiated by one the “Father Founders” of Polish nationalism, Zymunt Balicki. The induction of the political concepts and ideas consisting in its national and not any foreign origins, closely related with the local and not any foreign conditions. A consequence of that is the rejection of the international ideas as well as those messianic as unrelated with the interest of one’s own nation. In other words this is a demand of drawing conclusions contained within the political concept or thoughts not from any premises of supranational nature (the ideologies originating often on foreign grounds), but from the individual cases related with the specific, home territory, the social-political situation prevailing there, cultural and religious conditions. In Balicki’s opinion the international ideologies — like socialism or liberalism — formed the contradiction to that principle and as such they have had the deductive nature.
The principle of induction of thoughts has been disseminated within the National Democracy [Polish original name = Narodowa Demokracja] (the chief trends of the Polish nationalism in XIX and XX centuries) by Roman Dmowski (the leading ideologist of the Narodowa Demokracja) as »anti-doctrinarism« the cult of inductive thinking. This is still visible in the Polish nationalism until now. Aft er 1989 it has become strengthened by the strong traditionalism of the nationalistic movement in Poland as well as the glorification and petrification of its past ideas and organisations.
The nationalistic organisation which departs from the principle of the induction of the Balicki’s political thinking is the National Rebirth of Poland [Polish original name = Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski]. This is the organisation of the extreme nature based on the youth subcultures. In its programme there appear some elements borrowed from the ideology of the International Third Position (ITP). Those are the ideas absent so far on the Polish ground like: “racial separatism”, ethnopluralism or anti-Zionism. The ideas of the international cooperation of the nationalistic organisation do not comply either with the tradition of the Polish nationalistic movement. Paradoxically enough Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski through its internationalism — rejected by the “Father Founders” of Narodowa Demokracja — departs from the formula of the “integral nationalism” — understood as the idea of competition and fight amongst the nations. It does open the road to the internationalization of the nationalism against the common not national opponent which becomes the home and Brussels establishment and the ideas referring to the philosophical thinking of the period of Enlightenment in Europe.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

14, 2013

Pages from 85 to 109

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