Partie populistyczne na przykładzie wyborów parlamentarnych w 2007 roku

  1. Marek Górka
  2. Dariusz Magierek


Populist political parties as seen in Polish parliamentary elections of 2007

The concept of populism is so broad that any political party may be a representative of this attitude. This remark in turn provokes the hypothesis that populism is an inherent part of democracy. To greater or lesser extent, populism will continue to exist, it is also a sufficiently flexible attitude that can find and adjust to any doctrine or circumstances. By tracking the growth of social discontent with the functioning of democracy in Poland, one may notice a certain liking for the regular presence of controversial and radical solutions, of which populist parties are full. Economic inequalities and social injustice are the wind in the sails for the creation of catchy slogans. Populism is the domain of any election contest, especially that media democracy promotes the use of simple and spectacular (often based on emotions) ways to solve problems.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

13, 2012

Pages from 107 to 123

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