Kultura polityczna Ukrainy w procesie przemian

  1. Yana Przystupa


Political culture in Ukraine in the transformation process

The article aims to define and describe the whole process of political culture formation in Ukraine. There is a hypothesis that this process is still undergoing and the aim of creating a civic political culture has not been achieved yet. The author explains the reasons for the slowdown in the both processes. However, the article primarily focuses on the stems of the slow structuring of the national identity and further domination of the national ambivalence. In conclusion, independent Ukraine and its nation still live according to the Soviet social and political rules. Its institutions, elites, political style and administration, political culture in terms of its mimicry and heterogenic forms, even its corruption style in a completely natural way stem from the Soviet system. Moreover, this Soviet legacy is more visible in the contemporary Ukrainian society, which is still more likely to accept “Soviet experiment” due to a total lack of any kind of tradition or historical roots of the civic society in Ukraine.

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This article

Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

10, 2009

Pages from 155 to 168

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