Pretorianizm - u źródeł interwencji politycznej sił zbrojnych. Instytucje i działania polityczne

  1. Monika Wichłacz


Praetorianism – the origins of military intervention in politics

Modern praetorianism can be understood either as a type of the political regime which can emerge in the societies facing deep crisis during social and political transformation, or a type of civil-military relations in so called praetorian societies. The aim of the article is to describe and analyze this phenomenon by introducing main theories and issues in this field of research. Military intervention in politics is heterogeneous and multidimensional phenomenon, therefore, many factors are taken into account: historical, internal (such as, for example, organizational and corporative interests, military professionalism, military values and increased non-military roles of the armed forces) and external (weakness of political institutions, lack of social homogeneity, type of political culture, “tradition” of military intervention and so on). A taxonomy of models of military intervention is also introduced.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

10, 2009

Strony od 78 do 101

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