Suwerenność w myśli politycznej środowiska Ligi Polskich Rodzin w okresie debaty nad członkostwem Polski w Unii Europejskiej i Traktatem Konstytucyjnym

  1. Bartosz Smolik ORCiD:


The sovereignty in the political thought of the League of Polish Families as reflected in debate on the Polish membership in the European Union and on the Constitution Treaty

The League of Polish Families (Liga Polskich Rodzin – LPR) refers to the old and anachronistic concept of sovereignty initiated by Jean Bodin, which was enjoying great popularity in the absolutism period. Therefore, the party evidently omits these concepts of sovereignty that draw attention to strengthening position of international law. The League of Polish Families recognises European integration process as one of the main sources of danger for Polish sovereignty and it definitely excludes any changes in law that could weaken the state sovereignty. According to LPR leaders, the European integration works to other countries’ advantage, first of all Germany, France and Great Britain. Th e main activists of LPR are strongly against European Constitution Treaty because they are against strengthening supranational and federal factors at the expense of the strength of member states and their sovereignty. Germany constitutes another danger for the Polish sovereignty. According to LPR, Germany can use their strong position in the European Union in order to accomplish their old Mitteleuropa ideas (economic sphere of German domination in Central and Middle Europe ). What is characteristic for this movement is that LPR recognizes the Russian policy as considerably less dangerous for the Polish sovereignty. LPR created an alternative design of integration, which could be NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). According to LPR this variant would allow Poland to retain an independent and unrestricted sovereignty simultaneously with membership in the European Economic Area.

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Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne

10, 2009

Pages from 31 to 46

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